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Motorcycle Club “FIRELANDERS MC” is open to a wide range of people who have legal motor vehicles and a relevant driver’s category ! Many people wonder about the name of the Club, “FIRELANDERS”, and its meaning. -The answer is: Azerbaijan has always been called the land of fire due to its association with oil and gas, as the largest oil supplier in the region. Therefore, the name is connected to; “FIRE – fire/flame”, “LAND – earth”. In other words, the name of the club means “FIRELANDERS – people from the Land of Fire”. The club has annually hosted many events, motor rallies and festivals. Management in the Club is carried out by the general meeting. The main law is the charter of the Club. Values of the club are independence, partnership and mutual assistance, freedom and respect. The main principles are the brotherhood, the motorcycle and the road. The club does not belong to any incorporation, association and unions, however, we respect the public association of motorcyclists who share our views, values, and tasks. The club does not participate in political activities and does not engage in propaganda of any political, religious or other views.

Questions / Answers

QUESTION : My neighbor is a biker ... he seems to be a member of your club. ANSWER : We do not answer questions about members. QUESTION : Where can I buy your club patches ? ANSWER : They are not for sale ! They are tailor - made exclusively for the members of the club ! QUESTION : Does the make of the motorcycle matter to join the club ? ANSWER : No. But we have restrictions in the minimum engine size (700cc) and not bikes with categories : sport, superbike, motard and other plastic mounted ones. QUESTION : What does MC stand for ? ANSWER : It stands for Motorcycle Club. QUESTION : How to join the Club ? ANSWER : In order to become a prospect of the club, you need to have a desire, a motorcycle and meet certain club criteria. However, the real challenge starts after you join it. You must be fully committed to the club and see it as a community of riders with strong ties of brotherhood rather than a hangout group for pleasure. As a matter of fact, it is really Not easy for everyone to juggle these commitments with their personal life ones. Needless to say, there are no privileges and favoritism for any social status and social classes in the club as we believe in equality and brotherhood and everyone has his own duties. If everything suits you and you want to see yourself in the Club, please fill out the form in the section " JOIN US" and we will contact you shortly QUESTION : What do Black & White colors imply ? ANSWER : They are the official colors of the Club. Black letters on a white background.

  • Club Status Change Information (Mcc To Mc) - 09 September 2019
    General meeting of FIRELANDERS club members decided to change club status MCC to MC since september 2019
  • Fireland Run - 05 June 2021
    Due to the COVID-1 9 pandemic, annual FIRELAND RUN organized by FIRELANDERS MC in honor of the birthday FIRELANDERS MC will postponed to date on June 05, 2021. The entrance to the party is with invitation only. The venue will be specified on the invitation cads. Information related to the "FIRELAND RUN" will be announced by the official website at: FIRELANDERS.COM
  • Our Official Website Is Already In Use - 18 February 2018
    After that, all the official information about the club will be posted here. Do you want to us ? Join us !
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